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When Frank Lampard took over in Chelsea as the new manager, we all knew it was going to be hard for him to cope. Some had even pitched him to fail at the job due to his inexperience at managing a club at the Premier League level but surprisingly, he has turned out fine so far.

In his short time as Chelsea’s manager, he has been able to build the club to a commendable stand, where the team can play against any top-level team and stand right while also building confidence in the majority of the club’s fan base while at it.

The chant of ‘we’ve got our club back’ sang during matches in the last couple of days have gone to show how much work Frank Lampard has put in and how well it is turning out for him even with all the odds against him.

Undoubtedly, his team’s performance has been great. His player management and relationship have been superb and Chelsea is currently within the top-four in the Premier League table. The club is also doing well in the Champions League, so he has everything in his favor. That then brings forth the question of ‘how long will he be able to keep up?’

Will Frank Lampard be able to keep up?

Chelsea for one is a result-oriented club and with his groundbreaking performance in the club, he has raised the bar and lifted the expectation of the club and fans on what to expect from him.

Frank Lampard, from his days of playing for Chelsea, has always looked like someone who likes to challenge himself and this is one of the types of situations that will give him the challenge but some thorns might be on his path while trying to navigate the Blues waters.

The current transfer ban on Chelsea runs for two seasons and even though the club has been trying to appeal the decision, there seems to not be a headway in that direction so the club will have to make do of the players they have currently.

In this case, Frank Lampard doesn’t have much option than to continue using his team of youngsters. Not to say they haven’t been in brilliant form but we all have to agree at some point that they are slightly inexperienced in some way.

Although, it is nothing they cannot work on with time but does the club really have that much time is another question we will be asking ourselves when the question pops up.

Former teammate, Branislav Ivanovic weighed in on Lampard’s role at Chelsea, giving his vote of confidence in the Englishman as seen on The Athletic.

“Everybody who knows Frank – and I know him very well, which is the privilege of my life – knew he was going to be a success.

“If you put Frank in any job, he will be successful.

“The problem with being a manager is you always need results, but Frank as a person and as a man will be successful in any job.

“I’m so happy and proud to see him in the position he is in, and I hope he will have the motivation and the luck to stay at Chelsea for many years.”


So far, Frank Lampard is holding it down with his job at Chelsea and should he continue this way, it won’t be hard for us to see him continue to develop his team into a formidable force in Europe. He will definitely encounter challenges but with the type of man he is and with the type of players he has, there is no storm they cannot weather together.