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The Value of The Squad of Chelsea as of March 2023

Chelsea may be living in a time of many challenges. They are in the 10th place in the English Premier League table and will have to face the reigning champions and big legends of the tournament Real Madrid in the UEFA Champions League quarter-finals. But there’s been quite some good news for the fans since the change in ownership after the Russian-Ukrainian war started.

The biggest ‘beautiful fact’ to focus on in the eyes of the Blues fans is the substantial increase in the value of the squad, due to the immense amount of money spent during the last transfer window.

It was a similar window action compared to what José Mourinho did in his first blue spell. Acquisitions focused mostly on long-term value. Players that chose to move to Stamford Bridge to develop further.

Let’s have a look at the current most expensive players of Chelsea and what the fans can expect when following the Premier League. By the way, Chelsea fans will have a lot to follow in the last rounds of The Prem. If they are to climb as high as they need to secure some European-level action in 2023/24, just watching the games of The Blues won’t be enough, as there’ll be several parallel matches.

A keen Premier League API to follow the matches with a live score while following the blues or while at Stamford Bridge surely will make the final moments of the season even more exciting.

The Billionaire Squad of Chelsea

Player valuation is as hard to predict as the stock market and some football betting markets like the exact score. But there’s some use in following public valuations of big websites.

Sometimes clubs persuade buyers to go way above the price tag suggested by these sources, but there is some use in analysing these valuations. Especially if you’re checking the tag of a player that you don’t know anything about, or coming from a smaller league in Europe, Brazil or Argentina, for example.

Chelsea’s squad is worth €1.02B or £900m as of today according to TransferMarkt.

If we consider the site’s valuation of all EPL clubs, Chelsea is right below the most valuable club, Man City, that is, worth €1.05B. Just 30 million Euros more, and consider the size of the numbers, it is a virtual difference and we can consider the squads of similar value.

Ok, Chelsea spent €611m since the beginning of the 2022/23 season. A big record. But it is for sure one of the quickest rises in squad value in the history of the beautiful game, if we consider the inflation and what money used to be worth back in the past, for example, when Florentino Perez built the first and the second Galacticos teams at Real Madrid.

The Most Expensive Players of The Blues As of Today

Enzo Fernandez is rising in value and is now worth €85m considering the same source. He was considered to be worth 30m EUR less than that by the time the transfer from Benfica was confirmed! Ok, Chelsea paid 120 Million Euros for him. But the Argentine is playing quite well, in spite of the irregular results of Chelsea – which have improved a bit since the magic night against Borussia Dortmund at Stamford Bridge in the UCL.

Reece James is worth €70m, while Mason Mount and Wesley Fofana are worth €65m.

Sterling, Havertz and Mudryk are worth €60m. By the way, I believe the Ukraine star will rise a lot in value. His dribbling skills combined with his capacity to create chances and make assists as well as the usual firing power of any good winger make him special as this set of skills is unusual at this level.

Chelsea has some interesting young talent these days. But the qualification to the UCL or at Least UEL is very important to make sure they have the best stage of international footie to develop and entertain the world with their skills and efforts.