Get to know your writing team.

Chris Darwen, Editor-in-Chief

Chris is the founder of Ronnie Dog Media and – you can find him either cracking funnies on or providing data-driven statistical pieces for all the sites in the Ronnie Dog House.

Farkhanda Jabeen, Tactical Analyst

Chelsea F.C fan | Football Writer | Analyst. You can also find me on

Art de Roche, Tactical Analyst

Art is a tactical analyst for Ronnie Dog Media often found on

Lorihanna Shushkova, Tactical Analyst

My name is Lorihanna Shushkova – writer at RDM, sports journalist, football performance analyst and betting fraud agent from Bulgaria. Football lover in every fibre of my being.

Ben Pimpaud, Tactical Analyst

Data scientist and fan of the beautiful game, Ben combines these two passions to make pieces mixing data visualization and tactics.

Billy Munday, Staff Writer

Billy is a life-long Chelsea fan who just loves giving out his opinion to anyone that will listen.

Charlie Johns, Staff Writer

Charlie is the founder of the leading Chelsea Instagram page in the world – it really is, with over 250,000 followers. It is worth checking out by clicking on the Instagram button.

Lash Laleye, Women’s Football

Lase is’s Women’s Football expert.

Eion Smith, Editorial Team

Eion is one of the editorial leads for Ronnie Dog Media often found attempting to be witty on the P45 podcast. Find it, it’s actually quite amusing.

Jake Flock, Editorial Team

Quick-read articles on all things Chelsea. Enjoy.

Luke Glanville, Editorial Team

Luke is a full-time staff writer for Ronnie Dog Media.

Peter Rancati, Editorial Team

Peter is one of the editorial team for Ronnie Dog Media.

Amir Mir, Editorial Team

Amir is part of the Ronnie Dog Media editorial team and specialises in data-driven football writing, follow him on Twitter.

Abdullah Abdullah, Tactical Analyst

My name is Abdullah Abdullah but you can call me Abd. I’m from Pakistan but I’ve lived and been raised in Dubai. I’m twenty-six and passionate Chelsea fan who loves playing Inter Milan and Lyon on every FM game since 2012, follow me on Twitter.

Daniel Garai, Tactical Analyst

Aspiring tactical analyst from Hungary.

David Selini, Tactical Analyst

Tactical Analyst for the Feel Chelsea site, follow me on Twitter.

Nick Dyer, Staff Writer

Nick, usually found boring anyone who will listen about all things football.

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