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The Russian did not grow up as a Soccer fan but he had been so amazed by what he saw in Old Trafford, he decided to invest at a London club.

Soon after John Terry, at total Chelsea kit, raised the European Cup in the Allianz Arena in 2012, Didier Drogba grabbed the trophy from the audience and handed it on to the guy stood sheepishly on the edge of the throng.

Roman Abramovich, his obsession eventually realised, obtained a cheer nearly as loudly as the one who greeted Drogba’s winning spot-kick.

To believe, none of it could have occurred had it not been for a single balmy night in Old Trafford nine years before.

Along with also the significance of that which unfolded on the area pales compared to the impact it had on one individual moved by the events in Old Trafford daily.

Abramovich didn’t grow up enjoying soccer. Before purchasing Chelsea he knew virtually nothing about the sport, commercially or otherwise. But he did understand that on April 22, he’d seen”an extremely beautiful game”. The enthusiasm of United’s seven-goal thriller has been sufficient to convince him to purchase a soccer club.

Within a month, he’d settled on Chelsea. Abramovich finished his takeover only 10 days after devoting the club to his own attention, requiring a bloated asking price with no negotiation. Over two weeks later, he’d spent #100 million online players.

What Abramovich failed in west London might be considered the most significant moment in soccer history.

With no case, turning Chelsea to “a wealthy guy’s plaything”, to utilize the BBC’s investigation following a 2003 meeting with Abramovich, we might not have experienced Sheikh Mansour’s investment in Manchester City or even Qatar’s buyout of Paris Saint-Germain.

And it had its roots because Champions League tie in Manchester, when Abramovich seen the air, the enthusiasm, and fell in love.

This was a thoroughly enjoyable game, and it was barely a call. By Ronaldo’s early opener, in any given time United had to score another 3 goals to adapt. One wonders if Abramovich, knowing so little about the game, was conscious of the way the first-leg result along with also the away-goal rule were affecting the match.

No matter Abramovich was captivated, and instantly hired an investment bank to discover which teams in England may be available. He desired a London-based club due to his business interests in town and next house in West Sussex and, after briefly considering Tottenham, determined on Chelsea, because of its place and easy company structure.

But that is not the conclusion of the narrative. For Chelsea, there’s a second sliding doors second.

Although soccer history could nevertheless have been shifted whichever club Abramovich had finally bought, he might not have depended upon the Blues had they never conquered Liverpool on the last afternoon of the 2002-03 year to seal Champions League qualification.

Jesper Gronkjaer’s strike earned a 2-1 victory in a direct mind for fourth position, and while Abramovich could have came at Chelsea no matter he probably couldn’t have immediately purchased the likes of Claude Makelele, Hernan Crespo, and Juan Sebastien Veron with no guarantee of European Cup soccer.

The climb to the summit could have been substantially slower, not just scrubbing many of these titles from background but possibly leaving Abramovich bored. Those near the Russian supposed he would quickly tire of his Chelsea job and abandon it. Had he been not able to play fantasy football which first summer, maybe Abramovich could have shrugged and proceeded.

The arrogance of the’Special One’ media conference was willful, engineered; a historical glimpse of this psychological warfare that could define his career.

The British media did not know exactly what to make of him unsure whether to be intoxicated — and so started the cult of the celebrity director, of their suave tactical genius, in such a nation.

Chelsea declared a list low 15 goals and place a then-record 95 points at the 2004-05 Premier League season. Together with Greece’s 2004 European Championship success and Rafael Benitez’s Liverpool job, the Portuguese played a significant part soccer getting more defensive in the 2000s.

Chelsea have, naturally, been characterized by how he formed the club, and it’s fitting that despite Abramovich’s efforts to create Chelsea more entertaining, it had been parking the bus, to borrow a Mourinho term, which won them the greatest prize in 2012.

Hunting for an evasive Champions League decoration became an obsession with Abramovich. It is what made him so callous, shooting Luiz Felipe Scolari following seven weeks, blowing off double-winning Carlo Ancelotti following one typical year, and immediately running out of patience with Andre Villas-Boas. None have been considered great enough.

Thus, Roberto Di Matteo’s interim direction was in no way component of this strategy. His Chelsea averaged 27.5 percent ownership in the semis from Barcelona and conquer Bayern Munich on penalties at a dull, nervy closing.

It certainly was not how Abramovich had envisaged it, but he had won the Champions League, finishing a journey that had started in Manchester nine decades back.

Usually, football is simply too complicated to isolate a single factor, one moment, and declare it changed the game forever.

Nonetheless, in this scenario, a guy with no prior interest in soccer awakened in Old Trafford one day in April and, 90 minutes after, had decided not simply to become involved with soccer except to detonate a bomb which could reshape the business from top to base.

Only someone without a historical attachment to the game would think to do something audacious, so apparently naïve, as to throw countless millions into such a volatile sector in the expectation of purchasing on-field success.

With that, soccer wasn’t the exact same again.