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The midfield was eager to point out that he has not been completing as well lately but he’s heard from his dry spell.

Mason Mount states he was too desperate to finish his 18-game goal drought after his glowing display in Chelsea’s 4-0 win over Everton.

The Blues made one of the best performances of the season, with Mount’s shot beating Jordan Pickford to start the scoring on Sunday afternoon.

The recent barren spell was the longest run without a goal in his mature career, having bagged 14 goals at Vitesse and 11 in Derby County in his first two professional seasons.

Mount will still wish to reach double figures in his first Premier League season following his inaugural attack of the campaign but admits he’s had to overcome the emotional side of goalscoring to end the drought.

“I’ve found recently I have been trying too difficult to score and sort of snatching at shots and trying to shoot a shot when off-balance and stuff,” Mount said at Stamford Bridge. “If you are so focused on scoring and thinking’I want to score’, you do that.

“You begin to snatch at it. You do not take your time and pay attention to your technique enough. Today, I sort of had appeared at my game and where I have been going wrong lately and to aim, remain calm and not to attempt to search for it as far as I have been.

“It just occurred. I took a bit and turned and finished. It was not me thinking about it too much. I believe I have been overthinking it. It has not been coming my way and I have been snatching at it.

“Now, it was the complete opposite. It was not in my mind, I just concentrated on the functionality and it came. I really do look at games. My father is very into soccer and watching my match and where I could improve. He helps me a lot.

“He is here for each game and after he will tell me what I did best and what I did not do well and where I want to improve. The last couple of games has been completing and finish product.

“I believe I took a shot against Bournemouth from an impossible angle at which I was only hoping to score a worldy as it was not on. We talked about that. More just I personally look in my game, talking to my dad also.

“I consider games such as the Bayern game where I snatched a chance with my left foot where it has not been around. It’s something in which you do not have to try so much. It only comes at the perfect time and it did now.

“You listen to every bit of information coming your way and learn from it. It’s great to have my father focused on me, watching what I want to do better. It helps me so much coming off the pitch talking to him in the vehicle. We’ve done that because I was a small child and some things never change.”

Mount has leaned upon his father’s expertise as a trainer at non-league degree to hone his skills in the fiercely competitive world of soccer since he was a boy. Still now, the England international takes comments from the trainer that also helped train Southampton’s James Ward-Prowse on technique over the summer.

Upon scoring, Mount jumped into the air in relief and upon landing did the dancing he terms’the Frankenstein’. It came following a meeting with the musician and YouTuber Chunkz, who had persuaded him to try a new party.

“It was a new one, yeah,” he added. “I had a meeting with Chunkz. He messaged me, I am going to FaceTime him but it’s his kind of dance movement. We had a meeting and he said’next time you score a goal, can you do it?’ I had it in my mind and I pulled it out now.”

Chelsea can now say they’ve back-to-back home wins for the first time since November after being under threat of falling out of the top four with stress from a bunch of different teams.

Mount has become challenging his side to string together enough wins to guarantee they play at the Champions League next season.

“We have been up and down throughout the entire season,” he reasoned.

“It has not been a very consistent season where we’ve been scoring lots of goals and keeping clean sheets. It has not been like that, so we have had to concentrate on what we do really well rather than later.”