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A Miracle is an event not explicable by natural or scientific laws. Such an event may be attributed to a supernatural being (especially a deity), magic, a miracle worker, a saint or a religious leader.’

Religion, along with politics, may just be the most complexed subject to discuss openly in a room full of people – or possibly in any format – with so many differing opinions, it would lead to discussions way into the small hours, and those in attendance would still be no further forward than when they first entered the fray.

Contrast that to Stamford Bridge tomorrow night and every single supporter – man, woman and child – will be all praying to the heavens with almost the same words floating up past the pearly gates and into the ear of the supreme being and principal object of faith.

Those sceptics among us will deem this a selfish act, as is it deemed that one should pray to God when you have a lot to be thankful for, rather than when one requires something – but hey, needs must!

It would be fair to say, that as football supporters, no matter who you support – that most of us are guilty of this once the whistle blows and the white line is crossed – I mean, who among us wasn’t constantly looking to the heavens during that wonderful Champions League campaign of 2012 – hell if God wasn’t wearing a Chelsea shirt while bellowing a rendition of ‘Ten Men Went To Mow’ to the congregation from the Napoli home leg onwards it would have been most surprising.

For us as Chelsea supporters, and as football supporters in general, we clasp our hands and look skywards almost every Saturday when situations are against our club – and the next two upcoming fixtures are no different.

Let’s take Wednesday first and foremost – Huddersfield at Stamford Bridge – in any normal circumstances, this would be perceived as a home banker, but in football, like in life, nothing is for certain or can be taken for granted – maybe if this fixture was played in say the middle of November then that would be a fair argument, but this is May – the business end of proceedings, when there is survival on the line for the visitors and a European ticket to be punched for Chelsea.

While prayers could be well be answered in West London, it is in North West London where spiritual intervention is required the most – for Chelsea’s Champions League ticket isn’t in the hands of Antonio Conte and his players, it is in the hands of Mauricio Pochettino and his Tottenham charges.

Now the Lord must have dusted off his Chelsea home shirt once (or West Brom, whichever way you look at it) again as West Brom somehow conjured up a 96th minute winner to give themselves hope of the greatest of escapes, but also in the process to put a huge spanner in the works of Spurs’ top four ambitions.

One miracle is hard to come by, let alone two or three, so there is a lot more hand clasping to do before Sunday comes around.

If you think that it is just in North West London that spiritual intervention is required then that is not the case – and like all world class managers, it is worth having a Plan B in the back pocket just in case Plan A isn’t going according to plan.

For Chelsea’s victory on Sunday over Liverpool has put the hosts in a rather sticky spot, having been in what seemed an uncatchable position from February onwards, their pursuit of the Champions League final in Kiev has maybe seen an eye or two taken off the ball when it comes to domestic matters – so with Champions League starting places up for grabs, there is the possibility of miracles taking place, but will Brighton have read the script following their safety securing victory over Manchester United at the Amex?

There is still something to play for after an almost disastrous end of February/March period which is why we find ourselves in this miracle finding position – we have an FA Cup Final appearance in the bag, wouldn’t it cap the season off just nicely if Antonio Conte could add a Champions League berth to go alongside for good measure – and what would be Chelsea’s position on the manager be if the miracle does happen?

First and foremost the miracle has to happen, and it starts on Wednesday night both at Stamford Bridge and at Wembley.

Then once the miracle is complete, discussions surrounding the manager can begin in earnest.

Let us pray that the Supreme One has his Blue shirt on rather than that traditional white one he seems to like so much.

All together now

‘Dear Lord, let me start by saying…………….’