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It sure is a great feeling for fans when their club is giving them what they want, especially a club whose players have bonded well with the fans and it is not forced or faked. This is the story of Chelsea in recent days and it has been amazing to watch. The players and fans sharing some sort of mutual respect and admiration for each other.

Now, don’t get me wrong. It’s not like there aren’t moments when players and the fans are at each other’s throat but through it all, we’ve been able to see that both parties want the same thing which is the development of the club. It is a beautiful thing.

It is fair to say Frank Lampard’s time in Chelsea has started off good. The manager who many fans had been worried will not be able to handle things in the club due to inexperience has now started to turn things around.

Currently, Chelsea is third in the Premier League table, with the same points as Leicester City in second and eight points behind Liverpool who is top of the league table.

Another win over the weekend against Crystal Palace moved the club’s winning streak to six straight wins in the Premier League in a show of outstanding run of form.

To be honest, I hadn’t expected us to be this outstanding this season with a new manager taking over – one who is new to the coaching job at that and many felt was inexperienced to coach a club at this level – coupled with some injuries, the one of N’Golo Kante included.

Kante had been a major part of the Chelsea team, especially in the midfield. He was part of the engine room that let the Chelsea team tick and news of his injury had caused a scare among fans. It was surprising however to see how well managed his injury was and how quickly Frank Lampard came up with an alternative, and one that works.

Jorginho might not be as aggressive in defense or in attack as N’Golo Kante but the Italian has shown how much he can also impact the team. The side of him we see now was not existent under Sarri and he was often used as a scapegoat then, but now, he has become fan favorite for his ability to play into space and take risks. His passes are on point and his inventiveness has been good so far.

Another thing going on in the club that is really a beautiful thing to see is how easily the youngsters are being integrated into the senior team and how well and quickly they’ve been able to adapt. Even though the experience might be a little bit of an issue for them but no one expects them to kick off so soon. They are young and there is a lot of room for improvement.

Over the last couple of games, we have seen how much the Chelsea backline has developed. If Chelsea continues to build on this impressive form, the club will be a formidable team in Europe sooner than we all expect.


Frank Lampard has surprised most of the fans with the way he has handled things in Chelsea. This won’t come as a surprise anymore as it seems there is mutual respect between him and the players just as there is between the players and the fans.

The chant of ‘we’ve got our team back’ and other loud applauses the fans have chanted for the players over the past couple of games have shown that the players are starting to build confidence in the fans and whatever it is they are doing is working.