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Chelsea is, undoubtedly, one best teams the Premier League has ever seen. It is one of the most popular soccer clubs and has always been regarded as one of the top clubs in English soccer history. They have won tons of titles and have a huge audience who support and follow them. Many fans have been talking about the best defenders in Chelsea history, so we gathered our facts and compiled a list of the top 5 Chelsea defenders of all time. Go through this article, and you will have the answer in no time.

David Webb

We begin the list with David Webb, who started playing for the blues in the February of 1968. He officially appeared in 299 matches for Chelsea, where he scored 33 goals, which is quite impressive for a defender. He played as a center back, a right back, a center forward, and even a goalkeeper for a brief period. So it’s safe to say that his debut at Chelsea was outstanding. And with Webb at the defenses, Chelsea won their first English FA Cup in 1970 and the UEFA Cup in 1971! It was Webb who scored the winning goal for Chelsea in the 1970 FA Cup, and fans have remembered him ever since. It’s been a long time since he played for the blues, so if you want to see him play, you can watch highlights and full matches featuring this legend.

Ashley Cole

In number 4, we have Ashley Cole. He is undoubtedly one of the most controversial players in the History of the Premier League. He left Arsenal, who was Chelsea’s arch nemesis, to go and play for the Blues. When he signed with Chelsea, he was a blessing in disguise for the team as he had incredible speed and was very sharp in attacking and defending. He played left-back for the blues and had helped them win quite a few titles throughout his career. Even though he retired from professional soccer, he is remembered fondly as a fine defender by millions of Chelsea fans worldwide.

Marcel Desailly

At number 3, we have the French legend Marcel Desailly. Before signing in with Chelsea, he used to play for AC Milan, where his performance was off the charts. And when France took the Fifa world cup in 1998, Chelsea signed the French superstar as they knew other clubs were snooping around Marcel. Not only is he remembered as one of the best Chelsea defenders of all time, but he is also regarded as the best French Soccer player. He played center back for Chelsea and appeared in 217 games for Chelsea, and he helped them win the English FA cup. Although he couldn’t win a Premier League cup, he always put on a great show on live soccer tv which drove the fans crazy.

Ron Harris

Ron Harris is the second-best Chelsea defender of all time. He joined the club when he was just 15 years old, which allowed him to stay with the blues for a long time. In fact, he holds the club record for appearing in 795 matches wearing the majestic blue colors of Chelsea. He played for the blues during the early 1960s, and because of his years of experience playing for Chelsea, he was even captain of the team for a while. He had a unique playing style, but his loyalty to the blues made him stand out in the list of top Chelsea players. Even when the club was at its lowest, he stuck with the blues and helped them get back on top and dominate.

John Terry

The number one defender in this list is the man himself, John Terry. He was the team captain and broke numerous records, automatically making him a fan favorite. Terry was the most successful captain the club had ever seen as he helped them win 17 different titles, which consisted of 5 Premier Leagues, 1 championship, 5 FA Cups, and so on. Terry appeared in 717 matches and scored 38 goals for the blues, the highest number of goals for a defender in the club history. He was an incredible defender with sheer raw talent and an incredible mind for the game. His loyalty to the team, skills, charisma and incredible performance during his years at Chelsea make him the best Defender of all time.


This concludes our list of Top 5 Chelsea defenders of all time. Chelsea had massive success, and it was because they had some of the best defenders holding the defenses. Suppose you want to know more about your favorite club. In that case, you can always find Chelsea FC’s latest news on the internet and be updated.