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Age is one factor to consider before you enroll your kids in competitive soccer. Many parents want their kids to start playing competitive soccer early without knowing the adverse side effects. However, there are a few reasons why switching your kids from recreational to competitive soccer too early may not be a good idea.

Mental development

Soccer is a competitive sport, and you need mental and physical energy to play. The child must understand that losing is also part of playing competitive soccer. If the kid is too young, their brain may not fully grasp the implications of playing soccer. Also, when the child is not fully mentally developed to engage in soccer, it could affect their self-esteem or cause depression.

Increased risk of injury

Competitive soccer comes with a lot of injuries. The kid must understand that they might get injured while playing soccer. For instance, when you are playing recreational soccer, the competitiveness is lower hence the lower risk of injuries. Enrolling the child early into competitive soccer could expose the child to an increased risk of injuries.

Early burnout

The child’s interest in soccer could burn out quickly when they start engaging in competitive sports at an early age. Experts often advise that the child should be allowed to explore other sports before finally choosing to play competitive soccer. Based on this, the child will be focused, knowing they have tried other sports but decided to play soccer.

What should I do if my child has amazing soccer skills?

The best you can do for your young child with fantastic soccer skills is enroll them in a recreational soccer camp. Playing in a recreational camp provides the child with the mental development and understanding they need before they switch to competitive sports. Don’t send the child to start playing competitive soccer when they have not fully understood how it works.


Meanwhile, Chelsea soccer camps have a good reputation for training young players. Before enrolling your child in a soccer camp, ensure they are mentally and physically developed. Finally, research the soccer camp you want to register your child in.