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Sports betting is getting more and more attention every year. As a huge part of the gambling industry, it has a vast variety of sports and markets to choose from. A proof of that can be a significant number of online and offline providers like online crypto casino USA that have the best terms and odds for the gamblers with different levels of experience. Amongst hundreds of sports, some are more popular than the others and we’ll go over them in this article.

American Football-NFL Betting

Judging by its name, American football is particularly popular in the US, although lately it began making its way into Europe as well. Full of action, game strategy and offering lots of markets, betting on American football is a great experience for the fans. You can place wagers on professional football (NFL) or college football. The grand NFL tournament is the Super Bowl, where two top teams play to win the title.


According to some sources, around 70% of the sports betting industry worldwide is taken by soccer betting. This game is considered to be the most popular sport worldwide, so it’s quite understandable that soccer is also the most betted upon. The FIFA World Cup is the biggest event in the soccer world. It is held every four years and starts with the teams from 210 countries qualifying to take their place in the list of the best 32, which will compete for the grand prize. With futures and live betting, fans from all over the world can place their bets any time before or during competition and make some money watching the game they love.


With the great number of tournaments held each year, tennis is definitely the most popular individual sport. The top event to bet on tennis is the Wimbledon tournament in England. You can place wagers on the result of particular sets or the whole match in live mode, but the better strategy would be betting on sets – it has higher rewards.


Even though rugby is not that popular around the world, it definitely has a huge fanbase in the countries that play this game. This sport is full of action and that fact attracts lots of new bettors, while more experienced ones are enjoying matches for their tactics and strategy. There are quite a few markets and opportunities to bet on rugby, especially considering that it’s a high-scoring game.

Horse Racing

 Horse race betting is one of the oldest in the industry, which means that is has thousands of dedicated followers all around the world. Offering great odds and promotions, this highly strategic sport is extremely popular to bet on. Although to make a smart bet the player has to go through lots of research, but don’t let this stop you – a little effort and you’ll start making money with your favorite sport!

Final notes

If you still have doubts whether sports betting is worth it, just look at the numbers – it makes up around 40% of the global gambling, which is huge! And with the variety of providers, markets and sports to bet on this whole thing becomes a great way to pass your time and earn a little money in the process. Pick a game, do some research and dive into the sports betting world – you won’t regret it.