Chelsea is an excellent club on the field. But they are equally brilliant outside of it. Thomas Tuchel and his men are having a very good season.

More so last year, when they won the Champions League by defeating Manchester City in the finals.

But this is not the only Chelsea team that has been this good. With wise investments and timely buys, Chelsea football club has always had excellent players playing for them. You look at any Chelsea team over the last two decades it will be filled with exceptional talents.

Chelsea is not only great at getting players into the club, but they are also exceptional at selling them too. Somehow almost always, Chelsea buys players they want for a bargain and sells their unwanted players at a premium. They are the masters when it comes to the transfer market.

Let’s look at some of the best signings Chelsea have made in their recent history!

1] Frank Lampard – 11 million (West Ham, 2001)

Frank Lampard, arguably their best player ever, joined Chelsea for just 11 million pounds. Super Frank, as he is now known by the fans, is a club legend who has accomplished everything there is to achieve in club football.

He won 13 trophies for the club and finished second in the 2005 Ballon d’Or awards.

Frank returned to the club as a manager but couldn’t quite cast the magic at Stamford Bridge as he once did as a player. Nonetheless, Chelsea fans would take nothing away from him, and they will always respect him for what he achieved on the pitch.

2] Didier Drogba – £24m (Marseille, 2004)

One of the first signing made by Mourinho in his first spell at Chelsea, Drogba turned out to become a legend at the London club. Didier Drogba scored 104 goals for Chelsea.

Now rival fans often criticize the Ivorian striker for his numbers. But the truth is he provided much more on the pitch than just goals.

He had 12 premier league assists in a single campaign on 3 different occasions. He was physically strong, had a good game sense, and was a world-class athlete.

But what separated him from the others is that he was a big-game player. 10 goals in 10 finals are his record. One of those goals cemented his spot as a Chelsea legend when he scored in the dying moments of the Champions League final to take the match to extra time. Drogba scored against Bayern Munich in their backyard. Chelsea won in the penalty shootout with Drogba scoring the last one.

3] Eden Hazard – £32m (Lille, 2012)

If you wanted to watch poetry in motion, watch Hazard play in a Chelsea shirt. Eden Hazard who signed for Chelsea in 2012 was a joy to watch. He joined the blues right after their Champions League victory in 2012. He became the ultimate fan favorite as the years passed by.

He was fast, dribbled a lot, and was a menace on the wings. He contributed a combined total of 200 goals & assists in 352 games.

Eden won 6 trophies at Stamford Bridge and when he made his move to the Spanish capital, Chelsea made a profit of 90 million.

Eden Hazard for Chelsea – what a player!